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5 Things You Should Know About Charter Bus Service in Colorado

By on December 9, 2021
5 Things You Should Know About Charter Bus Service in Colorado

Using a Colorado Charter bus is an awesome way to travel. Not only is it cheaper than using the airlines, but it’s also a lot more fun! If you’re thinking about chartering a bus service, there are a few things you need to know before signing that contract and getting underway. We’ve got five of them here.

1. Why you need a charter bus service in Colorado

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to travel, there’s no better option than a charter bus service. When you choose to book a charter bus service in Colorado, you’ll be able to travel the world with the comfort and convenience of a luxury coach while experiencing a range of activities that the ordinary passenger doesn’t get to experience. You’ll get more legroom than a regular bus and it’s more social.

2. What to expect from charter bus service in Colorado

The first thing you’ll notice when you take a charter bus service is that it’s completely different from other modes of transportation. There’s no need to worry about traffic jams or finding parking. The driver will pick you up from the right place and take you where you need to go. You won’t have to worry about finding your way around. When you travel in a charter bus service, the driver will stop at every attraction on your route to show you the area.

3. How to select a charter bus company

The main thing you need to look out for when you’re selecting a charter bus service is the level of service they provide. The quality of your bus service will determine how well you travel. It’s important to make sure the driver has a great attitude, is friendly, and makes you feel comfortable. The bus itself should be clean, spacious and comfortable. All amenities should be functional and working properly.

4. Charter Bus Safety Rules

Safety is something you need to be aware of when you’re choosing a charter bus company. They all have safety guidelines and procedures. Make sure you’re happy with the rules and regulations of the charter bus company before you book.

5. Why you need to book your charter bus services in advance

If you’re going to use a charter bus service, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. If you don’t book in advance, you’ll have to wait for a spot to open up. When you do book in advance, you’ll get the first pick of seats and it’ll be more convenient for your group.

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The Best Snacks to Pack for Your Charter Bus Trip

By on December 7, 2021
The Best Snacks to Pack for Your Charter Bus Trip

If you’re traveling with a group of people, you’ll want to pack snacks and beverages that are not only healthy but that your whole group will enjoy. Some snacks are more portable than others, but whatever you pack should be healthy and easy to enjoy. When you travel to different locations without staying overnight, know the snacks that will keep your energy up and the snacks that won’t work.

Here are Some of the Best Snacks to Take on a Road Trip

1. Oatmeal, Granola, or Muesli: It’s a great snack if you need something quick and convenient. It’s also an excellent option for people who want to eat something healthy and avoid the junk food. The combination of oats and granola is a great option for people who want to stay away from processed junk food.

2. Trail Mix: The combination of peanuts, pretzels, raisins, chocolate, and other nuts makes trail mix a healthy option.

3. Protein Bars: Protein bars are an excellent choice for anyone who is on a diet or who wants to eat something healthy while on the road. While protein bars can be packed for the road, they tend to be a little heavy and clunky.

4. Cheese: In addition to including some vegetables or a little snack mix in your bag, be sure to pack cheese.

Snacks to Avoid

1. Candy and Cookies: When traveling, it’s important to avoid any snacks that are unhealthy and not healthy. Candy and cookies fall into this category and they are a no-no when you are on the road.

2. Processed Junk Food: Another no-no while you are on the road is processed junk food. You don’t want to have a junk food bar or some other junk food while on the road.

3. Soda and Sugary Drinks: Although you may enjoy soda or other sugar-laden drinks while on the road, they are a big no-no. If you are trying to avoid these options, you will need to plan ahead of time and make sure that you have water on hand at all times.

4. Fried Snacks: In the same way that you shouldn’t eat fried foods at home, you should avoid eating fried snacks while you are on the road. You can pack a little snack mix, but avoid fried snacks like chips, French fries, and fried chicken.

Healthy snacks are an important part of your road trip. Pack a combination of healthy snacks, drinks, and some snacks that your group will enjoy and won’t run out of energy while traveling.

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9 Day Trips In Colorado That’ll Take Your Breath Away

By on December 5, 2021
9 Day Trips In Colorado That’ll Take Your Breath Away

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get around Colorado without breaking the bank, then a charter bus tour may be the answer. You can choose from an array of scenic routes, including a full-day trip to the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, where you’ll spend the day exploring the park’s hiking trails, lakes, and stunning vistas.

Other popular day trips include a visit to one of the state’s many historic sites, such as the Denver Art Museum or the Denver Botanical Gardens. Whatever you choose, a day trip on a charter bus is a great way to see Colorado without spending too much money.  Here are some must-see sights:

  1. Breckenridge – A classic mountain town with a vibe that is all its own.  From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into an old time Western movie.
  2. Aspen – This town has it all. The Rocky Mountains, the rich history and the beautiful people.
  3. Manitou Springs – A small town that packs big charm. From the spas, to the brewpubs and galleries this town has a lot to offer.
  4. Ouray – A small mountain town in the San Juan mountains. A great way to escape the hustle and bustle of life.
  5. Silverton – This tiny town is nestled between the San Juan peaks and the Animas River Valley. The views are incredible and the town is charming.
  6. Telluride – If you like skiing then Telluride is for you. The mountain town sits on top of a glacier that has been carved over the past million years, with the result that the resort is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains.
  7. Drive to Rocky Mountain National Park – The park offers visitors to the Front Range access to some of the most stunning scenery in North America, including the tallest peak in Colorado, Mount Evans, as well as two lakes and dozens of trails.
  8. Day Trip to Denver – Denver is a big city, but it’s also a great place to visit for a day trip.  It has beautiful historic sites, and the best food scene in the country.
  9. Day Trip to Pikes Peak –  If you are up for an adventure, then take a day trip to Pikes Peak. The road up to the summit is long, but the views are worth it.

If you’re looking to visit Colorado without breaking the bank, then a charter bus tour may be your best option.

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Ski Trips in a Luxury Charter Bus

By on December 3, 2021
Ski Trips in a Luxury Charter Bus

With a huge, luxurious bus and a team of seasoned ski guides, you’ll be treated like a king on a Colorado ski vacation.  Are you planning a vacation to Colorado? If so, why not hire a charter bus company to take you on a trip through the Rocky Mountains? You’ll get a whole lot more of the good stuff when you travel with a charter bus company—such as luxury travel, access to all the best restaurants and activities, and a high-end experience that will make it easy for you to get the most out of your vacation.

Our Denver airport to Aspen trips are perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing, scenic vacation, and if you’re traveling with children, you’ll enjoy the added convenience of being able to drop them off at the airport or at the hotel and then pick them up when you’re ready to go back home.

The Benefits of Chartering a Bus

Whether you’re headed to one of the Rocky Mountain ski resorts or you’re visiting Colorado to take in all of the beautiful scenery, traveling by charter bus is the only way to go. There are so many benefits to chartering a bus, not the least of which is that you can expect a high-end experience that will leave you feeling like royalty on your trip. For starters, your bus will be fully-equipped with:

  • luxury amenities including plush seating, satellite TVs, onboard Wi-Fi, and power outlets;
  • professional and courteous staff that will help you every step of the way throughout your trip;
  • a full kitchen that will allow you to enjoy some delicious meals;
  • comfortable beds and bathrooms that will make it easy for you to get restful nights of sleep;
  • complimentary beverage package that will ensure you’re well-hydrated throughout your trip.

Of course, the best part of traveling by charter bus is that you don’t have to worry about being on your own during your vacation.

The Cost of Chartering

The cost of chartering a bus varies depending on the season and the number of people in your party. It’s a good idea to call one of our friendly staff members so they can help you determine which option is right for you. We’ll take care of all of the details so you can concentrate on having fun, relaxing, and enjoying your vacation.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation to Colorado, why not charter a bus to get the most out of your vacation?

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3 Trips that are Ideal for Charter Buses

By on December 2, 2021
3 Trips that are Ideal for Charter Buses

If you are looking for a charter bus to transport your group or company to a destination, then it’s important to know the advantages of using charter buses. One of the main reasons why charter buses are ideal for travel is because they offer flexibility to their clients and allow them to have a stress-free ride. There are many reasons why charter buses can be an ideal choice for people who want to travel on a budget. For instance, you can choose the size of your charter bus, whether you would like to stop at every point along the way, and the number of seats available.

Here are 3 trips that are ideal for charter buses:

Large Family Reunion/Trip

A large family reunion is a great occasion to catch up with family members who live far away. A charter bus can help facilitate conversations and allow the group to spend quality time together.

With so many kids in the family, you might not be able to fit everyone into your vehicle. You can travel together with your family on charter buses to get to your destination.

Class Trip

Some schools offer a trip to a historical landmark to their students.  They are some of the most fun times in the entire school year. With a charter bus, you can take your class to visit a place of interest and have some fun.

Taking your school group on a trip gives the children an opportunity to learn about the history of the area and enjoy their adventure. The charter bus is ideal because it offers a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

Company Business Trip

You might have an important business meeting or have to transport your company’s employees to a destination. You can use a charter bus to make sure that your group is all in the same place at the same time.

There are many reasons why charter buses are ideal for travel, including being flexible to accommodate a large group of people, offering convenience, and being an affordable option for travel.

With so many benefits, it should be no surprise that more and more companies are choosing to use charter buses for business trips. Schools have been using them forever for class trips.  It allows them to keep students safe and sound and more importantly, all in one place.  The next time you’re putting together a big event consider using a charter bus for your transportation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Charter Bus Travel

By on November 30, 2021
The Ultimate Guide to Charter Bus Travel

A charter bus is a great way to save money on a road trip while having the freedom to explore new places. In this guide, we’ll share our top tips on how to find the best deals, where to travel, and the best time of year to get cheap tickets.

 What is charter bus travel?

It’s an affordable, flexible way to travel the country or abroad with your friends, family, or business associates. For the past decade, charter bus travel has been one of the best options for long-distance group travel, but there are plenty of things you need to know before making the leap. We’ve gathered up all the information you’ll need to make a successful trip. So whether you’re looking for a fun getaway for the weekend, a full-blown vacation with your besties, or you’re just planning a last-minute family road trip, this is the guide to charter bus travel.

The Basics: Understand How Charter Buses Work

Before booking your next trip, it’s important that you know how charter buses work. There are some crucial differences between private and public transportation options, and you need to understand how they affect the pricing. A private charter bus will have seats for all its passengers and typically has an open layout that allows the group to spread out during the trip. In most cases, private charters include a bathroom and snacks for the ride.

The Risks: Know What to Expect

Charter buses can be a great way to save money on long-distance travel, but they also come with risks that you need to consider. Most of these risks revolve around safety and security. Before booking a charter bus trip, you should read up on the company’s reputation, check their insurance coverage, and understand their cancellation policy.

The Deals: Find the Best Prices

Charter buses aren’t always the cheapest option for travel, but there are plenty of ways to find the best deals. For one, you’ll want to avoid traveling during peak times. Charter buses are typically busiest during the summer months.

The Extras: Make Sure the Extras Are Addressed

Sometimes, even though the company offers extras like beverages and snacks on the road, they don’t include them in the price. So if you want to save money, make sure the company you’re dealing with includes these amenities in the price of the charter bus.

Charter bus travel is a great option for long-distance trips, whether you want to spend the weekend with your family or friends, or you want to travel across the country.  A charter bus will give you the freedom to explore new places and experience different cultures. So before booking your next trip, take a look at our top tips to learn more about how charter buses work.

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