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Board of Directors

Go NoCO is a private nonprofit 501c3 organization that was created to manage the Regional Tourism Authority (RTA) application process on behalf of Larimer County, the city of Loveland and the town of Windsor. Since this is the first multi jurisdictional RTA application to the state, a separate entity was created with the sole purpose of overseeing the creation and submittal of the Go NoCO RTA application. This includes coordinating the consultant team and each public entity’s economic development team regarding the details and needs of potential developer projects within each jurisdiction.

As a private nonprofit 501c3 organization, it is imperative that the board includes private sector representation from heavily knowledgeable and community-oriented individuals including hospitality and lodging, healthcare, banking/finance and transportation. In addition, one elected official from each participating governmental entity serves on the board to support the application process. The board consists of local professionals who understand the value of an RTA award to northern Colorado and have a strong commitment to our three participating communities, now and into the future.

Go NoCO Board of Directors